Grattis frakt inom Sweden 🇸🇪


Lovalot is a Scandinavian fashion label that originated in Stockholm 2012.

Lovalot is the creative expression of wife and husband pair Elux and Kudret Kuddus. With creative background and a shared desire to constantly create, the couple focus on merging fashion trends and concept with contempory art. Using new state of the art technologies, digitally printing graphics, prints and fresh unusual colour blends on gorgeous fabrics creating something, that not only looks good but feels incredible too. Lovalot is the embodiment of a love for the beautiful things in life, and abundant magic of the inspiring world in which we live.

‘Love and Produce! Love and produce! Cackles the upper consciousness. And the world hears only the love-and-produce cackle.’ wrote english poet D.H. Lawrence, well that’s us, love & produce is Lovalot!